Crowdsourced list of the top scary movies

ScareHunt is a crowdsourced list of the top scary movies right now and where they're available. Never. Waste. Time. Searching. Again.

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Hi friends 👋, Adam here. I’m super excited to share ScareHunt today on PH - it’s a small project that I’ve been working on the past few mornings before work! 🙌 Last weekend I was searching for a scary movie to watch on Netflix. My goal was to find one of those independent-film kind of scary movies that nobody knows about. I know I’m not alone here… but I ended up spending more time searching than I actually spent watching (that part is scarier than the actual movie was 😲! I’ve done this countless times. I was still pretty annoyed with it come Monday, so I decided to build something to fix it & save me the annoyance. I don’t have it all figured out... I just started off with a WP template here and tweaked, but wanted to get something up so I didn’t have to waste 2 hours searching the next time I want to watch a scary movie 😎. Anyway - the idea is that when you see a great scary movie, you can post it to share with others. While you’re on ScareHunt, if you see a movie that you thought was good, then upvote that bad boy. When you’re in the mood for a scary movie, you can check out the list and see what’s trending. And finally, you can use the tags to see where people have seen the movie - whether it was on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. Also - shout out to @drikerf for his product “Colors” that was posted last week - I used it to come up with my color scheme for ScareHunt. I’m around to answer questions. Feel free to send any feedback my way too - I’m eager to hear what you guys think. 🙏
I know a few scary movie lovers who will find this really helpful.
@juanscv awesome, thanks for sharing! 🙏