The quickest and most elegant way to scan a driver's license

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Wow! I never thought about how useful this technology would be, both to the entrance as well as the data points and availability to market... I'm a FAN! πŸ™Œ Is this solely for License's? Maybe integrate your reward program backed on the individuals license... could be a nice marketing hack and kills two birds with one app? πŸ˜‰ Security/Bartenders everywhere rejoice!
what are the PII implications? The data is being sent to a REST service for the SDK, does the same apply for the app itself and can the service be publicly accessed? For example, query geoloction data when used for bars to track where people have been drinking?
"Easily track patrons entering your establishment and use bouncer mode to automatically detect minors." "Age and gender from the scanned licenses can be logged and collected data transformed into beautiful charts. Just select start and end date, Scannr will do the rest."
Much needed product. Do you have any plans to expand this internationally?
Can this spot fake IDs?
@ejameswill Since it reads the barcode, I imagine it'll spot fake licenses, however, in the event that someone is using another person's **valid** license, the "bouncer" still has to compare the photo and details with the person standing in front of them.
@joshuapinter there are other things on a license that have to be present otherwise it is a fake.