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Hello guys! We've launched an original Scanner Pro back in 2009 and it has created and shaped the whole document scanning industry using mobile devices! Since then, over 10M people have downloaded Scanner Pro and turned their iPhones and iPads into portable scanners. Our main goal was to replace hardware scanners for good. And I believe, having better cameras since iPhone 3GS, we made quite a big impact there.
But today, 7 years forward, not only do we want to replace hardware scanners, but also create the best way to scan papers/ document/ receipts in general. Scanner Pro 7 is a major new version that adds OCR (text recognition) and automated workflows (so you can create a set of sharing actions for your scans). It's a giant leap towards paperless life. It's great for multi­-page books, receipts or dashboards. Scanner Pro automatically crops your documents and intelligently processes them, removing shadows, correcting perspective and distortions. The scans you make look super clean and professional. Sharing high quality scans makes you look more professional as well (this is for those who wonder why you can't email a photo of a document). Scanner Pro harnessed an advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology that allows you to extract text from scans. Select and copy phrases or paragraphs and make the most of those words. It would be great to hear your feedback and comments below :)
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@bramk Maybe it's me but I didn't see any Android version in my hunt... :-)
My go-to scanning solution. Version 7 is incredible. I already sent in this feedback, but for me, the one thing that's missing is a sort of vertical panorama mode to make it easier to scan, for example, long receipts. Currently, you have to pull back to get it all in frame, which means less scan detail. Would be great if we could just glide the phone down the length of the document to capture a longer page.
@mostlymarius Thanks Marius! Great suggestion!
Best scanner app ever. Version 7 is amazing.
@craigcpaterson Thank you! We are working hard to make the best apps :)
This version combines a lot of the simplicity of Scannable or Office Lens with advanced options for OCR, auto-saving to almost anywhere you can imagine, and the ability to tweak when needed. Since v7 it's become my primary scanning app.