Detect fake landlords and stop rental scams is a web app that helps renters reduce their risk of a rental scam by detecting fake rental listings. The tool validates the contact information used on a listing by checking against common behavioral patterns used by rental scammers.
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Hey product hunt! I'm Rico, co-founder/CTO of Onerent, a AI-driven residential rental service. We're super excited to release and thank you to @benln for hunting us! As life moves online due to recent events, finding housing is a bit dicier. Online scams are surging and fake landlords are taking advantage of social distancing rules to defraud renters of their money. Over 5 million US renters have lost money to rental fraud. We built a solution called that helps renters detect fake listings and stop "scamlords" by validating the contact information used in the listing. The tool is super simple to use. Just put in the details collected from the rental listing or from a "landlord" you're in contact with, and check for a scam. It works by tracking patterns in the types of properties targeted by defrauders and the phone numbers they use, specifically VOIP phone numbers. Right now, the tool requires at least the phone number of a "landlord", but we hope to add more based on your feedback. We'll also add a "Scamlord Hall of Shame" based on submissions, featuring the worst offenders. We want to educate renters of the dangers of rental scams and save the money, risk, and fear of rental fraud. Any details we verify as scam will help us build a database of scammers. Please let us know any of your feedback. Stay safe and healthy, and rent responsibly! - Rico P.S. - If you've encountered a rental scam before, forward us your scam emails:
Hey all! We made this tool because we've heard too many rental scam stories. We're curious to find out if a scam tracking tool like could be useful. Share any feedback or recommendations on how we can further develop the tool in this thread 👇
awesome. Craigslist scammers are done!
Much needed tool. Great usecase for AI. Suggest adding landlord email too since that is the primary means of communication used by scammers. With api’s already for email risk scoring, this should be easy to add. All the best, as always.
@vinod_sharma1 thanks for the feedback and support! Good note about the email field. Right now we are collecting the email but in future versions we’ll incorporate those APIs to check the validity.
Boy, I really needed this video!
@george_constantinescu1 Glad you liked it, thanks for the support!