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Find your way to professional relocation in the US

SB Relocate is the best way to reach your objective of immigration to the US, offering assistance at each step of the relocation process.
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Hello Product Hunt, I'm Alex, co-founder at SB Relocate, and I've created the tool to help professionals from all over the world come and work in the US. I am an immigrant myself, and I struggled with multiple questions during the relocation process. At SB Relocate, right now we are offering the opportunity to: - Access in-depth white papers on different visa types and programs (O-1, EB-1, STEM extension – the list is continuously updated). Such documents contain simple eligibility checklists you can use to assess your chances without the need to pay $150-$200 for a consultation with an immigration lawyer who will give you the very same checklist. - Delegate visa research – our team will analyze official government websites to gather information tailored to your situation, find answers on your questions, and prepare a well-structured white paper. This will save you dozens of hours on visa research. - Get consultation and help with personal branding. Some types of work-related visas require candidates to have high online credibility, including mentions, interviews, published work in reputable online outlets. Our team of professional content marketers can help highlight your experience in the right way. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, and if you're interested in checking out SB Relocate — please visit our website! P.S. We’ve prepared a special 30% discount promo code for Product Hunters – PH2019. It applies to any service. Thank you for your support and feedback!

I was curious about my chances of getting an O-1 visa to the US, however it was very hard to collect an information and sort out what is important, and what is not. I've used SB Relocate to access a white paper with complete description of this type of visa. It was a good starting point in my research. Wish I found this tool before I've spent several days on reading tons of useless blog posts.


Saves a lot of time on visa research


You need to broaden the amount of data available