Video urban dictionary, people define words in short vids

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Thanks for hunting us @bramk! Hi everyone! I'm Ding, with my tiny team we built SayWhat to explain words in entertaining videos (imagine Urban Dictionary but in video!). We want to make this the biggest resource to those who want to learn: Slang: like On Fleek and You Had One Job and Foreign Languages: like - “penis exploded in the sky” = “freaking awesome” in Mandarin slang 😂; "Take a soda" = "Take it easy" in Spanish slang Why did I build SayWhat? I grew up in China and when I came to the States I couldn't tell the difference between "It's shit" and "It's the shit." I want to build a fun experience to allow people to teach each other colloquial expressions around the world. Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!
Wow. It's rare to see a random app pop up that is executed so well. This is a great example of a frictionless UI/UX built around a very limited/specific form of expression. Great work.
@levinotik Wow thanks so much! me and my tiny team really really appreciate your comment! We did struggle for a long time without UI/UX help...Just me and the engineers hashing this together. It's great to hear that people in the industry actually think it's well built!
Pretty cool! Have you found that a lot of non-English speakers use it for the educational purpose you intended? Or is it mostly just for fun, for anyone and everyone?
@gabriel_whaley Half and half ~ We've got users from China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Haiti (yes, Haiti...they've got iphones there???) who uses the app religiously to learn about slang. They do complain that the videos tend to be too fast though. So some leave comments to ask creators to clarify what they said. Users in the US tend to be interested in creating these videos + watching them for fun.
@dingdingsaywhat ah awesome! I've definitely shared w my korean cousins. Next family reunion should be a good one.
@gabriel_whaley HAHAHA! yes! Before you know it they'll tell you all about Murica you didn't know...Face Palm.
I’ve been creeping videos on SayWhat for a while now, and even made a couple embarrassing ones: The racy slang videos are hilarious, but I can’t wait to see fun definitions for business / startup terms like Hockey Stick Growth and Ramen Profitable.
@daniellegeva Haha Thanks so much for contributing these videos =) Your "I'm so cranky..." really stuck in my head now I always say that when I'm hungry. So what do you think might be a good way to get startup community to contribute videos about Startup Terms?
@dingdingsaywhat Maybe nominating startup founders :D
@daniellegeva Ah! great idea! I am going to do that!
Define words in a 10 second video, this is when Vine meets Urban Dictionary, like!