Upgrade your shower with luxury soap from SAVONBOX

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@erkswerks Hey Eric - Yes this soap is perfect for eczema. I suffer from eczema too, and the most important thing is to have a gentle soap that wont irritate the area. The glycerin base is perfect because it doesn't strip away the natural oils, leaving skin exposed and irritated.
Hey Everyone! Here's our story - I have incredibly sensitive skin, and when I was a child, my mother and I set out to develop a line of products that were safe for people with sensitive skin and fragrance allergies. We wanted it to be beautiful, free from parabens and other chemicals, and 100% good for you. Over 10 years of R&D later, we have a 300+ product range with 181 different luxury glycerin soap bars. The SAVONBOX service surprises you with two curated full-sized luxury glycerin soap bars in a customizable subscription. Every month features something different to try, and you can learn about the aromatherapy benefits of the fragrances in each bar.
Excited to try this!
My son has eczema would this be a suitable product?