Savings Radar

Get notified of student discounts as you shop online.

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Well-timed tool for the start of the school year!
Hey PH community! I'm the founder of CHDR and we make free tools to help people save and track their money. Today we are launching the latest version of our Chrome Extension. Savings Radar by CHDR Financial is a browser extension designed to save students money whenever they shop online. A lot of merchants and services offer discounted rates for students, but most of the time people miss out on these deals because they simply don’t know about them. Never miss out on savings again. 💸 Also, as a special thanks to all of you hunters who download + signup with Facebook, we will enter you in our raffle for a brand new iPhone 7! The PH community will have 2 weeks (raffle drawing on the 22nd!) to gain additional entries through sharing the extension with friends.
@charlesjo Thanks, Charles!
@__cbo__ Fancy seeing you here! So pumped to see you all on PH. Excited to launch this new site too!
@itsthisjustin We CAN'T wait for that!
@max_avs Thanks, Max :)
I think extensions as a tool to find deals is a great idea and student discounts is a "coupon" that doesnt expire many times. So this is a pretty cool idea.
@maitrikkataria Thank you! Let us know if we save you any 💸💸💸💸💸
Do you have to be a student to use these discounts? How does the extension track whether you are a student or not?
@mrkevinhype Great question. Right now, we don't track if you're a student or not. In order to take advantage of the discounts online, the individual merchants will require some proof that you are a student (student email address or possibly a scan of your student ID). In the future we hope to provide one-stop verification so that you only prove you are a student to CHDR and we verify with the individual merchants as you shop.