Tokenized luggage protection. Safer, cheaper & more reliable


The first Crowdsurance DAPP based on ERC721 Smart Token. The Luggage Crowdsurance ERC721 smart contract unites people in groups to protect their luggage during the flights. Person can become a part of Crowdsurance joining a pool with ETH. Thanks to ERC721 Smart Token technology Luggage Crowdsurance Token (LCST) can be placed in Metamask wallet.

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Andrey Bogoyavlenskiy
Sergei Sevriugin
Bertram Collins
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  • Sergei Sevriugin
    Sergei SevriuginSergei Sevriugin

    Can cover luggage risk anywhere around the globe


    Crypto only

    Join crowdsurance and try cover your risk without insurance company

    Sergei Sevriugin has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Fast and reliable


    Need to install Metamask

    Works also with Coinbase wallet

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