Alcohol delivery because liquor stores suck

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Unsure why this is a better alternative to Minibar or Drizly or Postmates... Liquor stores "sucking" certainly doesn't feel like a well thought out differentiation.
Do liquor stores really suck? Also:
I'm really impressed with the UI Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr Dope UI, or DUI?
@lindelof hahaha DUI if you don't use the service
I have no idea how these or any of the food delivery startups make money. What kind of volume do you have to move to make this make sense?
@rueter, see Sprig and SpoonRocket for inspiration. I appreciate them as an SF consumer but it's hard out there for a food pimp.
@lwsnbaker exactly. You quite literally need the bankroll of an Amazon to hold out until the full automation revolution drone takeover 20 years.
Does everything suck?