Satoshis Games

Earn bitcoin by playing games

Satoshis Games is an 8-bit gaming platform that allows users to earn bitcoin by playing games. It is designed natively on Bitcoin Lightning Network⚡️
Satoshis Games also run eSports tournaments with a bitcoin prize for the team/player who wins💰👾
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This gaming platform reminds me to the old gaming experiences like Pokemon
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Gaming platform powered by lightning network that try to solve and improve some problems of the current gaming industry introducing new features like the possibility of earn bitcoin while playing games instead of the traditional fictitious coins that are used in the most of the actual games. I invite you to take a look!
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This is not Lightening Network propaganda, the games are really well-done.


Nicely-designed games Noveau use-case for payments


Could have more multiplayer (asynchronous) options, just because I like these more

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I can't wait until enough people are playing lightning Agar so that I can come on any time in the day to play!


The ingenuity of the games coming out, bringing payments to games... finally!


the 8 bit interface is super fun, can lead to "non-pretty" dialogs popping up, but that does not detract from the amazing games!

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Congratulations on your launch here, Satoshis Games, and good luck!
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