Santa, Mail Me!

Get a personalized, creative letter from Santa in the mail

Receive a personalized, handwritten and thoughtful letter from Santa by mail! It's a fun way to make holiday memories.

Hey Product Hunt! I came up with this idea after I helped write letters from Santa for my mom's kindergarten class. Later, she told me when each kid opened their letter one-by-one, they were all waiting to see who was on the nice list. The anticipation leading up to everyone opening their letter was very joyful. Every kid was so cheerful, so I thought why not make a service for it? Each letter is handwritten, thoughtful and completely customized. I include a list of questions asking you about your child so we can get each detail right. After we write the later, we'll also send a copy by email, so you can approve it before it's sent. Each letter is $6 and includes postage to the US only. Let me know if you have any questions, and have a happy holiday!
This is genius! 😱
@hroland_ Thanks Roland, happy to hear that!
Great !! Doesn’t this ship to India ?? Would really love it if you can cater to other countries😊
@ayush_chandra Hey Ayush! Glad you like it! I had the idea only a few days ago and rushed to set the site up, and seeing as there isn't much more time until Christmas I'm not sure if the letter would arrive in time if sent to other countries. If I do this again next December I'll definitely plan ahead and include as many countries as possible.
You can still send it !! There atleast 15 days for Christmas !! The card will be delivered it doesn’t take a long time for a letter to be delivered to India ,could we move to the mail or any form where to send my postal address. Let me know if it’s suits you😊
@ayush_chandra OK, sure! Now that I think about it I once sent a postcard to Germany from the US and it was delivered in only 4 days, so it's probably similar in other parts of the world. Go ahead and order if you'd like to and I'll be able to send it! Thanks for the suggestion.