Sandfly Map

A community-driven app for reporting Sandfly hotspots in NZ

Sandfly Map is an app which allows travellers and locals to report sandfly hotspots around New Zealand.
We've just launched on the App Store, so download for free and let us help plan your sandfly-free trip to NZ!
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Hey team! This is my first App Store launch so I am quite excited to see how this goes. In my spare time, I enjoy getting outdoors, 4x4'ing, camping, sailing and tramping. New Zealand has a pretty risk-free environment, unlike Aussie. The only particularly nasty thing is a devilish, tiny insect called the sandfly. Don't know what that is? You're lucky, you've not been attacked by swarms of the blood sucking critters. I wanted to find a map which shows where sandflies are bad as they are highly localised - they tend to hang out near water, but can be found further afield too. After some searching, I couldn't really find anything to suit my needs. A 💡went off in my head and I opened Xcode... 93 days later and I launched Sandfly Map on the App Store! The app is primarily aimed at Kiwis and people exploring the country, however sandflies don't only exist in NZ. It allows reporting of sandfly hotspots, full offline support for when you're out in the wop-wops and entirely registration-free usage (users must create an account to place markers, but are free to view the full map without providing any details). If you have any questions/feedback or just want to chat, feel free to reach out. Thanks!
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