Samsung Max

Protect your data on the go, from Opera πŸ”’

Samsung Max is a powerful tool to manage how your apps use, transmit, and protect your data. Originally built by the Opera team and released as Opera Max, Samsung Max is ressurected and here to stay. πŸ”’

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    Bruce Kraft Jr.Saas viral growth, Brand Creator, CMO

    Its Opera Max, AND you get your privacy back!



    Its Opera Max (its baaccckkk), AND you get your privacy back! What more could you possibly want?

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  • Alexander Matzen
    Alexander Matzen17 years old Student from Denmark

    Free VPN Vanish


    Privacy Policies - Shared with third party advertiser networks.

    Just look here:

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Timely with the recent criticism of Facebook-owned "vampirific" VPN service, Onavo.
@rrhoover Exactlty. Samsung gets it. Which is honestly refreshing. I feel like the bigger companies have ignored user's privacy in favor of getting user data / usage like a big brother approach. Great PR move by Samsung and I wish more of the bigger companies would adopt this. I'm surprised more companies don't try to protect users. Props to Samsung by even offering that privacy for free. thoughts?