Samsung AirDresser

Closet that cleans and straightens your clothes for you

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 08, 2019
The Samsung AirDresser emerges as a new standard for garment refreshing appliances through its meticulous, user-minded functions and external form that naturally blends into its surroundings.
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Honestly, I really question the product if the website is as bad as it is. The sizing of the font and the autoscaling make it unreadable and I was unable to make it to the bottom with any semblance of understanding for what was going on. Give me a blurb, a few nice shots in a photo gallery, and some specs. Don't try to be overly cavalier with checking the boxes for coolest design trends.
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@benjamin_king2 Found the same issue, turns out the URL to the product takes you to the mobile site, hence the horrible UX. Try this URL :)
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@jmartinez Thanks for catching that Javi! I found the link through Samsung's own website, surprised they had linked it to a mobile site, just assumed that it was poor UI πŸ˜… Updated the post now πŸ€—
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@benjamin_king2 You nailed it. I was going to say "'Don't try to be overly cavalier with' writing up 1000 words of copy when 10 will do', but "give me a blurb" is cleaner. ;)
@benjamin_king2 Still hard to scroll through the web version of the site - and no specifics.
My god, the website is epilepsy inducing. Anyone else got a weird jitter while scrolling?
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This looks incredible, although understandably waiting to see the price tag and how well it truly 'keeps your clothes fresh' before placing judgement.
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What happens when a cat decides to sleep in the closet? Will the cat be incredibly clean or just dead? Asking for a cat who enjoys sleeping in a closet.
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