Instantly discover who else is in your classes

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Can be really helpful. Excited about its effects
@aditya_shirole - Thanks, Aditya! :)
CourseMash 2.0 ...?
Hey all! I'm super excited for SameClasses to be on ProductHunt! So far, I've only shared it with two college Facebook groups, so you're pretty much the first ones to see it! A little bit about how SameClasses came to exist: There's this weird trend in college Facebook groups where people take really blurry pictures of their course schedules and post them with a caption like "Classes anyone?" -- with many of these groups boasting thousands of members, you can see how that might get pretty overwhelming pretty quickly. I thought there had to be a more efficient way for us to see the Facebook profiles of others in our classes than hundreds of people each posting screenshots of schedules and redundantly commenting on everyone else's. I built the first version of SameClasses just for my college, but after many requests, I opened it up to some 450ish other colleges, too. (If you don't see your school listed, let me know, and I'll add it for you!) Thanks for checking out SameClasses! I'd love to hear whatever feedback you have to offer -- good or bad! This is one of my first times building something like this, and I really want to improve. - Jared
Looks very cool. As a returning college student I can certainly see the benefits. I added it to the Back to School collection I have been building:)
@robertwilliger - Thank you so much, Robert! :)
Great job Jared. Very useful, especially for freshman who are terrified of not knowing anyone in their class.
@nickabouzeid - Thanks a bunch, Nick! :)