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Hey Product Hunters! Here at Samaretan, our core belief is that users should be rewarded for the content that they create and share. Too many social media sites take you for granted which is why, with our revenue sharing platform, we give our users a chance to make themselves some extra money just for talking about the topics that they love. Here are some key points about the site: Samaretan was created as I felt that users on other social media sites are being taken advantage of. Social media sites are only successful because of their users and I think that they should be rewarded. Samaretan features include ‘Communities’ (users can create or join groups related to their interests, post/share new content and make new friends), Articles (users can post original pieces of writing) and the user Timeline (users can share links, videos and images and see what their friends have posted too) Samaretan users can make money by opting in to host ads alongside their articles or community pages as well as tipping, in which users can ‘tip’ another user for one of their posts or comments. We will be adding more ways for our users to make money in future. Samaretan uses revenue sharing, in which 70% of the revenue from the ads, tips, etc. will go to the user, while 30% will go to Samaretan. I’m available to answer any questions. Happy to get your feedback.
@rishisivan awesome initiative and good pricing strategy
interesting idea. How will solve the cold start problem of not having all of my friends on your network already? how much do you need to pay out to users to get them interested?
Looks very interesting! Congrats! @rishisivan