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Salyangoz is a realtime link sharing platform. Comparing to Pocket or any other bookmark saving tools, Salyangoz is not a bookmark saving tool. Its behavior is Snapchat-ish. With the browser extension, you will be able to share your links on Salyangoz. It allows you to have a cleaner approach to view links up-to-date and daily. Your sharings will be available to see for 24 hours by your followers. On the Popular and Recent menus, you'll see most viewed links and most recent links in the 24 hours. It uses Twitter to register and login.
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@fkadev Would be cool as an extension to mobile safari, you know how Bing has the little translate page button in safari (by the add to homepage button). Thoughts?
@fkadev Nice concept, but why links are limited for 24 hours?
@baddesigner Because we consume the internet. Old links are old, nobody wants to see obsolete and old content, which makes your history a garbage. If you are using a bookmark saving utility, you can realize that most of them are obsolete and garbage now. Salyangoz is not a bookmarking platform, it's a "up-to-date" link sharing platform. Salyangoz is a "living" platform, but not a database.
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@fkadev Great explanation. Thanks
I like the way you can easily share ressources on the platform ! We just need to create a Recipe on IFTTT now ! :)
Now, you are able to share links via the ⊕ button on top right, next to your profile picture -- without using extension.
Nice product!
@oliviachang292 Salyangoz means snail in Turkish.
@jackelliott Oh, thanks for the info :)
@oliviachang292 Salyangoz means "Snail" in Turkish and Greek. Snails look like salivating things. "Saliva" derived from "salion" in Greek, means "saliva, spit". "Saliongas" in Greek means "the salivating, snail". The Turkish word of it is derived from Greek: "Salyangoz". That's why the logo is a snail :)
@oliviachang292 Now, you are able to share links via the ⊕ button on top right, next to your profile picture.
Ah, I see. This is a kind of community version of Pocket. Pocket is personal. Salyangoz is community. Great if I can use tag to organize them. Cool product :)
@kzynakamura We thought about link organization, but it would be a bit confusing and make it slow to share. Our main approach is to make your link feed "cleaner" and "up-to-date". Snapchat-like auto-destroying behavior makes it possible. Salyangoz is not about collecting links, it's about "what's new today", it's about "now".