Salty Briefs

Underwear that finally fits and flatters small penises

On April 1 (*wink*), the first body positive underwear company for men with small penises will launch. We're empowering men to celebrate the body they have, with underwear that finally fits and flatters what they got.
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We're excited to introduce Salty Briefs on April 1, a new spin-off brand by Pepper, the first body positive bra company for AA, A, and B cups ( Prior to Pepper, women with small boobs struggled to find bras that fit – often shopping in tween departments or grappling with awkward bra gaps and gapping cups. In the same way Pepper was able to elevate an underserved female demographic through exceptionally designed products and promoting self-love, Salty Briefs will also be tackling issues men with small penises face including loose-fitting underwear with extra material and gapping, confidence issues, and the years of feeling like they are not enough. We're putting into perspective the double standards that exist for body standards. Men, just like women with small boobs, experience societal pressures when it comes to feeling larger as well; however, there is yet to be a body positive company that is leading the movement to help men celebrate themselves exactly as they are. Everyone should feel confident about their body. Wanting to be bigger is felt by both genders, and we're all in this together to redefine ridiculous body standards. Let's all love the body we have. We hope you'll sign up to get notified when we launch, and share with your friends!