Customizable interactive pricing guides for B2B SaaS sales


SalesRight allows B2B SaaS sales teams to create and send interactive, personalized pricing guides to prospects.

Teams get real-time notifications and in-depth analytics as prospects interact with the guide allowing for more effective and timely followups.

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Ross Simmonds
Gavin Anderegg
Josh Gallant
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  • Ross Simmonds
    Ross SimmondsEntrepreneur | Giving 💯

    Ease of use. Data from prospects clicking different tiers. Flexibility in terms of how to sell.


    More integrations.

    I've been using SalesRight as a service provider and it's been a great asset. I know it's built for SaaS but it can be used for other verticals as well. My favourite feature is the ability to see and be notified when prospects are clicking certain elements of the pricing guide.

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