Most sales managers have to export their CRM data to a spreadsheet to gather actionable insights. We captured the most important parts of that experience to build a brand new set of reporting tools inside Close. Metrics that matter are just one click away!
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Super excited to be shipping this to all of our customers. Our users needed the ability to see how all of their team members were doing across a wide array of metrics, and they were using Google Sheets to get it done. With this release, we've eliminated that manual data entry for a lot of those teams. With "period to date" time comparison, it's super easy to see how you're doing this month compared to last month, or the same month last quarter or last year, without worrying about how many days into the month you are--we automatically compare the same number of days in each period. Happy to answer questions about what we've shipped and what's coming soon with the new Activity Reporting!
@heliostatic boom! congrats on the launch 🎉