Give your security cameras superpowers.

Safewatch watches your security camera feed, as long as you can stream it online, you can connect it to Safewatch. You can set detectors for different objects and will be alerted via text notifications, mobile app notification or webhook.
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Hey Product Hunt! An overwhelming majority of security camera alerts are triggered by motion sensors. Thus, notifications are usually ignored, due to them being irrelevant to what we actually wish to detect; a chipmunk crossing your driveway is in general no cause for concern. Even in our own home, we would like to be alerted of specific events that could put our loved ones at risk, such as a baby out of a crib or a burglar entering the house at night. Our product is Safewatch, an AI solution that analyzes camera footage and looks for specific objects in real-time. This way, you can receive alerts immediately for events that are relevant to your interest. Choose from an array of objects to look out for, with the options to designate a specific area to monitor and to set a timeframe. Back up your footage for weeks, and revisit the specific times where a particular object was detected. Safewatch integrates with most IP cameras and we are planning to add integration with Nest and Ring cameras in the future. We hope you like what you see and give our website a visit!
This is a really interesting project. I will be following to see how it grows with rise in IoT and AI, definitely a must have.
Been following these guys on for a while now. Love what they're working on! Great example of taking cutting edge research and applying it to improve a product that solves actual peoples' problems.
Great project!
Great Product!