SaaStr - 028: Mark Organ @ Influitive & Eloqua

Why Customer Success Is The Bedrock For All SaaS Business?

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Harry Stebbings
Harry StebbingsMaker@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
Today as we have @MarkOrgan, Founder & CEO at @Influitive. Influitive helps B2B companies mobilize their army of advocates for more rapid and profitable revenue growth. Prior to Influitive, Mark was the founding CEO of @Eloqua, growing the business to over 150 people, hundreds of clients and a major presence around the world in 7 years. Eloqua was eventually bought by Oracle in 2012 for a reported $810m. In Today’s Episode with Mark We Discuss: The founding story behind Influitive? What was the a-ha moment behind the concept? What were Mark’s biggest takeaways from watching Eloqua scale into the global force that it became? Influitive are creating a category, so how is that for Mark? What are the inherent challenges? What are the commonalities of successful category creators? What is the difference between good and bad competition? Why does Mark try and encourage good competition? Why are brand advocates crucial to the success of a business? Is it a really scalable solution? How did you figure out the model for making customers successful? In a round we call the 60 Second Saastr, we also hear: Mark’s fave SaaS resource and reading material? Thought leadership: Fundamental or unnecessary? Target Markets; Go large or be specific and niche?