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A free job board just for the SaaS community, where great companies can meet great candidates across marketing, software development, business development, SaaS sales and more. We already have a large pool of great candidates registered - now we need SaaS companies who want to hire them!

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Beth Gladstone
Marketing Manager
Why is it so hard to recruit in SaaS? is founded by two SaaS experts who saw the gap between SaaS companies ready to hire recruitment agents or head hunters to fill high-level roles and those who just need to recruit great team members, like now. Founders need to be able to find great SaaS-experienced candidates without it taking up a ton of time. This is! A job site with free listings available for SaaS companies and an engaged, SaaS-specific pool of jobseekers looking to get hired. The site is currently just for European SaaS companies and jobseekers. We’d love to hear what you think!