SaaS Proforma

The financial projection software for entrepreneurs

SaaS Proforma is the financial projection software built specifically with SaaS business goals in mind. We’re making it easier to project key business metrics, plan for multiple scenarios, and run reports so that you can focus on growing your business.
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Hey, Hunters! I’m Jillian–Director of Marketing at SaaS Proforma. But let’s be honest: we’re all startups here. We know how this goes. Director of Marketing really means “Director of A-Little-Bit-Of-Everything”. So here I am, helping to launch SaaS Proforma on Product Hunt! SaaS Proforma is financial projection software built specifically for SaaS entrepreneurs like you. After years of founding SaaS businesses, our founder Rob, knew that there had to be a better way to do financial projections than on an overstuffed Excel spreadsheet. And, he knew that not every entrepreneur had the luxury of having a finance background like he did. SaaS Proforma is our solution! We’ve been working hard over the past few months to not only build a product that will help entrepreneurs easily and accurately manage all aspects of their proforma, but also a resource library that will help entrepreneurs of all financial backgrounds project and present their financials with confidence. So, help us out? Hop into our free 30 day trial, play around, and let us know what you think! Super helpful feedback at this stage: ☑️ What your role is (and if you’re the current owner of your company’s proforma, or were at any point) ☑️ What sort of educational content you’d like more of ☑️ What was your first 10 minutes in the product like? What did you need more of? What did you like? Did you feel overwhelmed? Send feedback to us via our in-platform chat, or to our email,
Hey! We're SO excited to announce that we're not only launching our Product Hunt page today, but we're also launching our free public beta. This was not our plan AT ALL. But with everything going on we saw a need for flexible financial projection software & thought we could do a small part to help entrepreneurs in need. It feels a little strange to celebrate something in these really weird and scary times, but I have to take a second to celebrate our incredible, small-but-mighty team. They saw potential for our product being helpful in this time, and made the decision to push hard to get it done So here's to Rob, @jalawrence, and @gunnar_norred88 . Looking forward to this new chapter in our startup journey, and we hope that YOU will be a part of it! Read more on our team's decision to make our beta public (and do it now): Learn more about our free public beta, and get started for free: