#5 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2018

We’ve pulled from more than 20 hours of conversations with SaaS leaders to build a course that both first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals can benefit from.

We’ll cover:

💸 Understanding revenue (MRR, ARPA etc.)

😍 Increasing customer lifetime value

❌ Reducing churn

📊 Using cohorts and segments to understand customers

And more!

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👋 Hola PHers! Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of chatting with some of the top leaders in SaaS, both on our SaaS Open Mic podcast (http://chartmogul.com/podcast) and with our customers at ChartMogul. Through these conversations, we’ve gotten direct insight into the metrics they’re tracking and optimizing in order to propel growth. I'm hugely grateful to those who contributed their knowledge to this course, especially @ggiiaa (Forget The Funnel), @a13n (Canny), @maxberthelot (Buffer, PixelMe) and the team at Freshworks! And of course everyone who's taken part in the podcast over the past few years. Many of our customers, as well as makers and first-time entrepreneurs, have approached us to ask how they should be thinking tracking and acting on metrics. These ad hoc exercises have pushed us to go through our entire library of content and pull out the most salient tips for today’s SaaS businesses. We’ve bundled those tips into our SaaS Metrics Refresher, a 10-week email course that gives you a complete tour of the metrics you need to grow effectively — from MRR to LTV, ARPA and more. Every week we’ll dig into one specific theme. We’ll give you our perspective, tips we’ve learned from awesome SaaS brands like Freshworks, Typeform and Zapier. We’ll also point you to relevant follow-up reading from our archives and around the web. We don’t want to limit this course to just what *we* deem important. You can also respond to any lesson with a business question, a lesson learned in the field, or a dissenting opinion. We’ll address as many of your questions and input as possible throughout the course content. We really hope you get some value from this course, no matter where you are in your career. Thanks, and enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note below 👇
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Well done, as usual ;)
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Amazing! Good job ChartMogul team 🚀
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Great timing. This is super helpful for me with a product I'm releasing in a few months. Look forward to checkIng It out 🤘
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@dave_poly that's great to hear! Feel free to respond to the emails in the coming weeks if you have any questions.
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@mr_ed You got it!
Thanks guys! Just signed up ;)
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@benjamin_skipwith_smith awesome. see you in the emailz. 🤜🏻
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