SaaS Growth Playbook

Saas Lead Gen, Conversion, Retention and Referral Marketing

Learn how to grow your SaaS with one E-Book
πŸ’‘ 60+ Actionable strategies that will help you grow your SaaS
πŸ›  30+ Industry experts sharing their top strategies
πŸ’° 25+ Tools that can help you achieve more in less time
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Hi Product Hunters! There are various SaaS growth strategies scattered online. But there is no single resource that gathers several strategies in one place that a SaaS can implement to rapidly grow. The aim of this book is two-fold. 1. Get a panel of industry experts to pitch in different SaaS growth strategies that can help you at the Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Customer Retention and Referrals 2. Show tools that can help any SaaS to quickly put into practice the suggested strategies The reason why in this book we covered SaaS lead generation, lead conversion, customer retention and SaaS referral marketing is that we are well aware that excelling at one stage only will drastically diminish your sales & marketing efforts. A good healthy SaaS strikes a balance throughout. Happy to get your feedback! Hope you enjoy what we have been baking for the past 2.5 months in collaboration with 30+ industry experts.
@gaetano_caruana This is great! So much valuable content. Looking forward to reading the whole e-book!
This is happening, the book is live. Great stuff. That's massive and there is amazing content. Love that!

I read the book during the pre-launch and this is massive, so much value and gold.


That's massive, amazing content and value!


Haven't found yet, will let you know!

Gaetano, looks great, just started digging in now :) - Can't wait to read the whole thing!
@iamwillcannon thank you so much. It is a collaboration between several industry experts! ;-)
Wow, way to go!
@haimpekel thank you !! Hope you get a lot of value out of it