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15 awesome SaaS deals for Black Friday 🔥


Want to power up your SaaS stack? This is your chance.

The founders of 15 awesome SaaS products have put their heads together to deliver you all the best deals in one place.

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Gareth Jake Bull
Yaniv Goldenberg
Mikolaj Winkiel
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  • Ryan Law
    Ryan LawSaaS + content marketing

    Great products, great prices.


    Having too many freakin' logins to manage.

    Some killer tools in there that have been in my daily toolstack for a while (particularly Salesflare), and a few more that will probably make the cut after today.

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  • Mohd Umair
    Mohd UmairFounder at Wigzo

    I emptied my wallet


    I emptied my wallet

    Insane is a word i dont use lightly. This is Insane.

    Mohd Umair has used this product for one week.
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  • Mateusz Kurleto
    Mateusz KurletoTech entrepreneur and investor @Neoteric

    Great products that are complimentary


    Can't buy in one place

    That's a great stack of tools that can help you improve your business. You can use them together for a better outcome.

    Mateusz Kurleto has used this product for one year.
  • Avishay Jesse Segal
    Avishay Jesse SegalHelping businesses grow 🚀🌙

    Great deals, awesome prices


    Ran out of money on the first two :-D

    Awesome tools, great prices, some of them have lifetime prices that are ridiculously cheap!

    Avishay Jesse Segal has used this product for one week.
  • Better Proposals
    Better ProposalsFounder, Better Proposals

    Sick deals


    I'm going to die from saas overload

    Some absolutely insane deals in here from some of the hottest startups around.

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  • Pros: 

    Great deal from these guys


    Give me lifetime! LOL

    Really impressed with this deal and the range of options there are! Get it!

    Deepak Shukla has used this product for one day.
  • Ted Mob
    Ted MobFounder. Mobz

    Wow The deals are amazing



    Best set of products for B2B

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