The easiest way to setup a campaign committee

Run is a tool for Progressive Candidates to quickly, legally and easily setup a campaign committee with an experienced firm acting as your back office. Our vetted partners setup the committee, fill forms, create a bank account for the campaign w. a EIN, and you are ready to fundraise for a few hundred $$ and one click

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Good tool to help potential candidates get started. My one question for you is what will you do for a candidate that isn't progressive?
@sacbookreviewer Hey Ross. I turn them away. They are free to use someone else’s app but not this one
Last year I became intersted in running for office, but wasn't sure where to start or what had to be done. Turns out it's not easy to figure out, and that's a problem - our democracy is literally on the line! Inspired by Stripe Atlas I set out to create a marketplace for candidates who could get matched with the resources they needed to run for office. Campaign formation in California is first, then tools (voter files, tools for canvassing, fundraising, etc.) are next along with branching out state by state. This is a personal project and it's a straight pass-thru between the candidate and the firms that can help them. I hope you share it widely and that tons of awesome people run for office! As the recent elections show Democrats and Progressives can win - we just need more to run at every level - School Board, Councils, Mayors, everywhere... If your local representative isn't strong on social issues, then replace them. You can do it! I believe in you and America. 🙏