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Rubberduck is a browser extension that enhances the GitHub pull request experience by adding IDE features: finding usages and definitions, navigation via files tree to the web browser.

Rubberduck is used by hundreds of developers all over the world, and is available as a quick download from the Chrome Web Store. Self-hosted support is coming soon!

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Abhishek Poddar
Jamsheed Kamardeen
Gaurav Mukherjee
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  • Apoorv Garg
    Apoorv GargArchSaber - an ML approach to DevOps

    Lightweight. Super easy to use. Much better code browsing experience on Github.



    Been using this to browse code {Python, Go} on Github for couple of months now. It has really helped me understand a lot more of the open source code that I depend upon, which I otherwise didn't care to go deep into simply because the browsing experience on Github was bad.

    Apoorv Garg has used this product for one month.
  • Abhishek Poddar
    Abhishek PoddarProduct, APIs, Location

    Code review just became fun


    Can further improve the slickness of the interface

    Waiting to get more features that would help with engineering team collaboration

    Abhishek Poddar has used this product for one month.