Wireless earphones with a fashion twist

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Hi there Product Hunt community. Excited to be introducing you to Rozebuds! Rozebuds are uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience. Projecting a discreet jewellery chic, Rozebuds offer an exclusive combination of convenient earphone features, including • Our auto pause function ensures you never miss a minute of your podcast or music again. • Tired of missing those phone calls? Rozebuds vibrates to let you know when someone’s trying to reach you. • Ultimate convenience! Rozebuds seamlessly transform between earphones and necklace. We were determined to merge style and audio technologies to create earphones that made both an audio and a fashion statement. It took over two years to get the jewelry aesthetics and the technology features optimally attuned. You can see more about the product and our journey at We look forward to hearing what the Product Hunt community thinks.
I am so excited to have found these on Kickstarter and and can't wait for mine to arrive. I am especially looking forward to being able to wear them all the time and be able to listen to music or an audiobook, and then be able to answer a phone call and all the while it can be a necklace as well.
@hilarysatz Thanks for reaching out Hilary! We created Rozebuds to meet exactly all those needs! You'll be both stylish and well read with your Rozebuds and audiobooks ;)