Routine Breakers

Money-saving opportunities to travel more

Routine Breakers is a membership site where you find money-saving opportunities to travel more, including flights, accomodation, travel insurance and more.
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Hi Product Hunters! I’m Jaime, the creator of Routine Breakers 👋 One of the main reasons why people do not travel to other countries is the price 🤑 So, I really want to change that. Routine Breakers is a membership site where you find money-saving opportunities to travel more. I have partnered with travel companies to save you money on travel insurance, travel clothing, travel bags, and accommodation. Additionally, travel agents post very cheap flights from Berlin to amazing destinations, saving up to €600 per ticket. I believe traveling doesn't have to be expensive, so I want everyone who visits Routine Breakers to realize that they can travel to amazing destinations for much less than they thought. I’d love to get some feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions. Have a great day! P.S. If your departure city is Berlin and want to travel more, here is an exclusive 10% discount code: PRODUCTHUNT (expires in 72 hours)
Congrats Jaime! I have been using Routine Breakers for the last month as part of RB beta users and I bought a flight already! :D I’m going to Santiago de Chile in October 🙌 If you are serious about traveling more, you should join Routine Breakers!
@maria_eugenia_coral_lopez WOW! Thanks for the comment Maria. I hope you have great time in Chile! Send me some photos afterwards 😍
Where are offers sourced? Do you gather opportunities from different free sites, or do you have a deal with travel agencies, etc?
@simons_gerald21 Hey Simon, the offers are posted by travel agents who have experience in the field and they are experts finding these delas. Moreover, I'm exploring other ways such as scrapping travel websites or using an Flight search engine API . Let me know your feedback when you join :D
@simons_gerald21 @jaimebur Sounds good! Best of luck continuing to develop the platform.
In today's era, I believe many would want a free trial, which is totally FREE, not even having to add a credit card. I almost always forget to cancel any membership after trial, so I only chose ones that offer FREE TRIAL without asking for the CC. Concept sounds interesting, I really don't mind paying 35 Euro a year if I am getting curated and cheaper travel deals, but not without actually trying it.
Is this something like a paid version of HolidayPirates? The website is well designed and I wish you good luck! One feeling I have, at least in Berlin, is that travelling has never been cheaper. I flew to Brussels from Berlin recently with Ryanair for 2€ return. There is lots of good deals to be found on places such as HolidayPirates and MyDealz. Though if you don't have time to search I could see your offer being attractive.