Searchable and retrievable video conferencing in Slack is a very simple and smart web browser-based video conferencing service in Slack which allows teams to quickly communicate and gather information to retrieve later on. Meeting information is not lost any more thanks to cloud video recording, colloaborative meeting minutes and automated transcription service.

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Hi, I'm Jiwook from, a searchable and retrievable video conferencing service in Slack. You can easily start video call by simple /roundee command in Slack, and after the meeting, the meeting debrief with recorded video, minutes and the transcript will be sent to the channel and Roundee bot in no time without any hassle. If you are not a Slack user, you can try it using 'Instant Meeting' on our homepage, and the result will be sent to the participants through email. We are in beta and need your help to improve our product. Please, try our Roundee video meeting service for free, and please leave us your invaluable feedback. Thank you. Jiwook
Awesome product @wooky117 can't wait to test it out in our next team call. What would you say are the most interesting features?
@abadesi Thank you Abasesi, We believe real-time communication should be searchable, retrievable and shareable in your collaboration tool like chats and shared files. When your meeting is done, the meeting debrief is sent to your Slack channel and Roundee bot.(If you started a video call on our homepage, it would be sent to your email.) You don't have to waste your time to explain the meeting and try to recall it. Thanks.
Great job !! Will surely check out !! Any product hunt user discount codes ?
@ayush_chandra Thank you for asking Ayush, Our beta version is offered for free at the moment. We will definitely provide the Product hunt user discount codes to you once our SaaS subscription pricing is introduced in our next update. Thank you.