Rotten Apples

See if any film or show has connections to sexual offenders.

Rotten Apples is a search engine where you can search for any film or TV show you're interested in and see if there's any person with allegations of sexual misconduct involved.

Sadly, I find this product necessary on this day and age.

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Should we discount the work of hundreds or sometimes thousands of people because of the failings of one individual involved in a show or movie?
@brandononearth seems that’s the world we live in today. Due Process doesn’t matter anymore. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Are you kidding me?!? Okay, okay. One question. How is this thing useful?
@yocpronik the sites description states the goal is to raise awareness of the darker side of the industry, it isn't intended to stop you from consuming content. If this helps to bring the topic to the surface it can only be a good thing for reducing the problem and flushing out the 'rotten apples'