A Chrome extension to help you stay focused and productive


TL;DR: Rooster is a Chrome extension that helps you stay focused and productive while working online by giving you insights on your browsing habits and by notifying via Push-notifications you when you lose your focus.

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This is a great extension I checked the last night.

But then I woke up today and I found that it was still counting the minutes even though I wasn't working on them (I am used to leaving my PC ON).

And here what it looks like (

If there is a fix where it counts by the activity on the page instead of the opened page; it will be amazing!

Thank you for your time.


Keep track of your time!


Time based on opened tabs.

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Hey Mourph, a little correction for the con you mentioned. It only tracks time on the tab that you're currently working on. It doesn't accumulate all the other tab's time in the log. I remember us fixing that bug, but let me get this checked again. Which browser/OS are you using BTW?