A smart night light with gesture controls

ROOME Mini is a portable smart light. It has smart infrared sensor and light sensor with 5 Controls Flicker-Free LED Light and auto on/off function. ROOME Mini will perfectly learn your using preferences and life habits. More style, it can be freely placed in or hung up anywhere depending on your need.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@roger_homi Roome was first hunted when it was just a Kickstarter campaign: now it's on sale on Amazon, congrats! What's happened since we last saw you on Product Hunt?
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Elaine Tang
PR, Roome
@roger_homi @abadesi Hi Abadesi, this is Elaine from ROOME, Roger is busying in new product, which is about to be launched in 2018, so let me transfer his reply to you and thanks for your attention to ROOME. During this year, we've been updating and improving the algorithm and APP controlling system of the products, according to communicating with the consumers and to learning more advanced technologies. We are keeping moving and trying to let everyone know about smart home and enjoy our products. Hope you like them, too!
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