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Honey for hotels. You browse. We’ll show when it’s cheaper.

Browse your favorite hotel booking site (as long as it’s either booking, google hotels, expedia, or 😅). We'll let you know when you can save money by booking a wholesale rate.
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I met Nate at Laracon US last year. A few weeks ago he shared his new project with me: this Chrome extension finds you the best hotel deals on sites like Expedia,, or
@mijustin thanks again sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar. :)
👋Hi everyone! Nate and Ryan here! First, thanks so much to @mijustin for supporting us here. We really appreciate all the fantastic folks like you who've given so much to make this product a reality (hat tip @chrismessina and so many more), and who use it every day already. And if you are in Canada 🇨🇦or the UK 🇬🇧, you can thank @mijustin for suggesting support for those countries variations prior to this PH launch as well! Here we go! We created Room Steals to help more people travel by saving them more money, starting with hotels. The reason is, most people don’t realize there are 2 rates for many rooms available through online travel agencies (OTAs) like, Expedia, or 1. A *wholesale* rate, agreed upon between the hotel and the OTA. 😲 2. The *retail* rate you pay after the OTAs mark up the wholesale price. Why should you pay retail prices when you don't have to!? Install the Room Steals Chrome extension and, as you search for hotels on supported sites (Google Hotels, Expedia,, and as of today) we will let you know when there’s a cheaper, wholesale rate available. Just click and book the wholesale rate through Room Steals (we don't add commissions or margin - in fact we make $0 on every reservation made at Room Steals). We believe you, like us, won't want to pay margins and commissions on hotel rates when you don’t have to. So, we've build this to increase price transparency, and that means you get to see the wholesale rate, not just the retail rate. How do we survive when you get to keep all that money for yourself? Downloading, using the extension, and seeing wholesale rates is free (just requires a login). So, when you find a rate you like, we simply charge an annual subscription membership. Now, before you rage click out at the mere mention of paying a membership, just know most of our current members have saved more than the cost of the membership in their first booking alone. The rest of the year is gravy. Mmmmm... gravy. Like poutine 🇨🇦, am I right @mijustin ?) Room Steals exists to help people travel more by saving more. Hopefully this helps you along that path. We’ll be here and would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. Happy travels! 🏨
@nateritter congrats on the launch! Hoping to take advantage of this in 2020...! What is the source of your data, or is that confidential? How do you think of another service like HotelTonight (which is different, but serves a similar pain point)?
@chrismessina Thanks so much Chris. It's been a ride so far, that's for sure. We actually have about 10+ different sources of inventory ranging from some of the bigger sites themselves (just the wholesale prices they don't show the public) as well as a bunch of smaller wholesalers who fly under the radar. Not necessarily confidential, but likely nobody would know who the smaller ones are. I, personally, think HotelTonight is a fantastic service as well. I haven't had the opportunity to compare prices with them, but it's on our list to do so. Allegorically some members of our team have found some prices they have are pretty great. We'll have to look into what exactly the difference is but there.
Hi @nateritter! Someone on LinkedIn posted about Room Steals and it lead me here. I'd love to hear a bit about your thoughts on Amoma and their decision to close shop after Marriott announced their partnership with Expedia. Are you concerned about potentially losing access to unbundled inventory or do you think the wholesalers you're working with are adhering to their contracts with the suppliers? I think the Chrome extension is super clever and a great way to help consumers find the best rate. Thank you for your time.
@theoholloway Very insightful question you have here. But no, we're not concerned about the issues Amoma (and others) have had primarily because we are very protective of the rate parity agreements and are conservative with our partnerships. We absolutely are not publishing our rates publicly and will cut off anyone else we see doing anything like that with our rates. Of course, that covers us on the demand side, and the supply side could be a concern if we weren't sufficiently diversified there. Even if some of the wholesalers mentioned, or their agreements, in the articles surrounding Amoma (and others) went away, which is highly unlikely, we'd still be able to operate and give a great service to our customers which will continue to be well worth the cost of the subscription. Thank you for such a great question! And thanks for the kudos on the extension launch. We are working every day at making it better thanks to feedback and thoughtful questions like yours. Cheers.
This is seriously the best. I've been using Room Steals for a few months now to save hundreds of dollars. But I always had to compare from the big hotel sites. Now I can find the rooms I love and find an even better deal every time. 🤯
@corey_haines Thanks so much! You were one of the first people who helped spur this whole adventure on. Thank you for supporting us along the way! We're so glad it's been so useful to you!
Quite easy to use, and pretty effective too. I use it for business endeavours as well. It allows me to keep easily within my monthly budget for business travel and hotels +1
@weldnote thanks so much for the comment and vote! Really appreciate your support and glad you are finding it useful!
@ryan_donk, This will be helpful for travelers like me :) So do you provide your services globally?
@ryan_donk @basheerak Hey! Thanks for commenting and the kind words. Yes, we have over 600k hotels worldwide in our sources. The deals available depend on the market/location and dates and change daily or more often even. But yes, we are absolutely global.