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A Personal Space for The Open Office


At ROOM, we’re reimagining the modern workplace. Our first product, ROOM One, is a soundproof booth that helps you get things done. It’s engineered with recycled plastic bottles to do more by using less, and it’s easy to move around and assemble. We ship flat and sell direct to keep costs low, making ROOM One the first to solve noise at scale.

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Software Engineer at Oscar Health

After using the ROOM in a knowtel space and in NOLA for Collision conf they provide a great essential mix of function and comfort and really do a good job of isolating sound from around you. There also is a small fan which does a good job of keeping the air inside fresh.


Room is a booth that really helps focus in a open environment in an elegant and non-claustrophobic way.


The outlet placement is somewhat unintuitive.


Funny what mad american millennials can create.


Might be comfy for someone


Looks like a booth for an outlaws or derelicts

Cost savings ($3500 vs $4500+ for most others) is mostly achieved through recycled material and looser construction, like the plastic door that magnetically adheres. Comes in flat packs as if it were Ikea furniture. These are all good things IMO. I had a chance to demo this product in person in multiple locations and was interested in buying a half dozen for my company. They said the product could take as long as 3+ months to arrive, lol? You're not scaling or solving anything if it takes a Q to fulfill an order. There are others similarly priced like Talkbox that don't have huge fulfillment issues, but they don't look as nice :)


Great looking, seems effective and is lower cost than most competitors


3 month lead time, floppy doors