Rona Games

Zoom games to play with friends in the time of Corona

Stuck in quarantine and missing your friends? Not today, 'Rona! Rona Games is the largest directory of "Zoom-able" games on the web, and it's updated daily with new finds across the internet.
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This is a good product by good people that helps you find good games to have a good time with.
@johnwilliams713 This is a good comment by a good person with good taste in good ways to have good times.
Hey Product Hunters! Necessity has been the mother of invention for my friends and family over the last couple of months in quarantine as we've tried to figure out ways to "hang out" despite the (necessary) distance. Consequently, playing games together virtually has been our go-to activity to stay connected with the people we love. And all of this game playing has resulted in the birth of Rona Games—a growing directory of "Zoom-able" games that my wife and I have built over the last week or so... The reality is that there are *a lot* of games that can be played over video chat, but they're not always easy to find. By searching the internet, asking friends, visiting forums, etc., we've accumulated a list of games you can play with friends without anything more than the computer or phone you're reading this comment on! The games vary in quality and sophistication, but we're sure you'll find something that works well for friends, family, or co-workers. Ultimately, the hope for Rona Games is simply that it can help people continue to enjoy the relationships that matter most to them, despite being apart. Stay safe and be smart!
how is this difference between other .io games?
@mnmk Hey Mekaeel, Rona Games is an aggregator of games we find across the internet. If it's able to be played over Zoom (or any video chat app), we add it to the directory.
@jordanjwoods doyou mean you can play it inside the zoom app?
@mnmk No. These are all games that are outside of Zoom but can be played over Zoom without any additional Zoom plugins or anything.
Hey Jordan, I think this is great, as I've been in exactly this mind space over the past 2 months! In fact, it's led me to build a new platform for it. We're launching on PH next week. I'm hoping you would be keen to add our games on Rona Games, because it fits right in. We're over at if you want to have a scan... Drop me a mail if you like from the contact option on the site if you need anything. So far, it has 8 games and counting. P.S. Maybe a "submit" option would work on the site to add your games to the directory? Also, know this is a lot of work, but would be cool to have a pic for each game, to break the text a bit on the landing page.
@pietcreator Yes, the "submit" button is coming this weekend! Ziago looks great—happy to add your games to the directory.
@jordanjwoods Fantastic, thanks. Keep it up, and good luck!