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Hello Product Hunt! This is Jessica from Rolltape. Listen to my short personal podcast here: These days we have countless communication choices, but something has been lost with fewer phone calls and the rise of chat, timelines, and photo streams. Context, emotion, and stories are how we form bonds, but today we’re often too busy to catch up in real time. We created Rolltape ( to help people strengthen their relationships with the power of voice. Rolltapes are five-minute messages that get to the heart of your experiences. You can personalize them with a mood color, musical intro and outro, and an image. And you can have a conversation on your own time — time zones be damned! Our first Rolltape launch on Product Hunt was geared at sending audio messages to your favorite friends and family to stay close. We realize people have a spectrum of ways they communicate: sometimes we want to update friends privately and other times we want to shout from the rooftops. With this launch, people can share public Rolltapes with a broader audience on Rolltape Radio and on social media. You can comment and vote on public Rolltapes, and we hope you will! Our team is excited to answer your questions on Product Hunt today and listen to your tapes on Rolltape Radio. We have big plans for Rolltape. We want to make it available on all devices and ensure you can use it easily whenever you have downtime so you can talk to the people you care about again.
I've been using Rolltape on and off for the past three months and it's become one of the most emotionally valuable apps for me. It's one of those things you have to try out with the right person to figure out the magic of it all. Audio can go a really long way to establish meaningful relationships when it's packaged and delivered in the right way.
@diegm Thanks, Diego! We agree - two interesting things we've learned from our early users is the way that audio can give you access to emotion that other media can't. And - the right person to use Rolltape with is sometimes not who you'd initially expect.
@diegm you hit the nail on the head about trying it "with the right person to figure out the magic of it all" (especially for the private tapes)
Congrats Jessica! Do you plan to group public rolltapes into topics so that they can become a substitute for radio? I'm thinking "morning news" "warriors" "deep thoughts" etc.
@samshank Hi Sam! Thanks for asking. Yes - that's the plan! We're interested in hearing what topics our community initially posts about, which will help us categorize the most popular stations. Speaking of stations, we already have one - Staff Picks. You can access it from the top nav in Rolltape Radio. We'd love to hear your deep thoughts on travel, growing up in VA, etc ;)
Very cool app, any plan on live streaming talks through this app in the future (i.e TED talks?)
@rohit0130 Hi Rohit - Thanks for the question! Is that something you'd be interested in? Any other content you'd like to hear?
@salomemagazine Yes, I think that would be great!
@rohit0130 Sweet - thanks for the suggestion!
Love this product!