Share your camera roll using links

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Clever idea, @terencepua. Ironically, this has a lot of similarities to @pdavison's recently launched Roll but with a very different execution.
Congrats @pdavison on your launch :) @rrhoover interestingly, the different execution is leading to a different use case -- real estate agents taking pics of houses to send back to office or clients.
We had built this product with the intention of sharing ALL your camera roll pics automatically with your close friends. We thought that too creepy so we solved the sharing of mobile collections another way: using links. We upload lower res photos (to Google Drive) so you can quickly share. You can share pre-organized collections or customize your own with a swipe up. Copy + paste link :) Would love to hear from the PH community :)
Glad to see you guys on here!
@edmoyse Checked out what you were making and to my surprise, was similar to a "pr search engine" I worked on called inkdb over a decade ago! I remember having to build a headline and byline extractor that worked alongside a crawler! Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)