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Beautiful conversations, walkie-talkie style.

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Miles FitzgeraldMaker@milesfitzgerald
Hey Product Hunt, I did the UX/UI for Roger on Android. I spend a lot of time making sure we were following Material Design guidelines but also adapting it for a voice communication experience. Let me know what you think or send me feedback if you have some -->
Ricardo Vice SantosMaker@ricardovice ·, ex Spotify Int. Growth
Last December we showed you Roger for iOS (, a product that @blixt and I originally hacked on a weekend back when we were still working at Spotify NYC. Since then, we have been receiving great feedback and encouragement. Not just from The New York Times, TIME Magazine, and TechCrunch but also from thousands of people across more than 120 countries who have been using Roger to talk with their loved ones, often engaging in conversations that last hours. But the most heartwarming surprise for us, has been how our commitment to simplicity resonated with senior citizens, young children and even the visually impaired. What started out as a simple goal of helping us talk more often with our closest , has led us to create a global platform for genuine conversations to take place, no matter who or where you are. That’s why we’re really excited to finally be live on Android in addition to iOS, and invite 2.4 billion of you to the conversation. Please give it a try and let us know your feedback. We would love to hear from you! PS: checkout our blog post for more details
Pedro VelosoMaker@pedronveloso · Lead Android Developer at Roger
I'm Pedro, the lead Android developer at Roger! I'm happy that we're announcing it to the world and eager to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding our Android version :) If you wish you can talk with me simply by opening this link:
Ricardo Vice SantosMaker@ricardovice ·, ex Spotify Int. Growth
@pedronveloso Pedro worked relentlessly to bring this to life, so feel free to ask him any questions :)
Eric Frumkin@ericfrumkin · BD, Call/Text Cloud APIs @
@ricardovice @pedronveloso Awesome app! Congrats on the Android launch. I've been checking it out and I'm enjoying it so far. Do you guys have plans to add calling/texting capabilities outside of the app to engage users who may not have the app downloaded?
Ricardo Vice SantosMaker@ricardovice ·, ex Spotify Int. Growth
@ericfrumkin @pedronveloso Hi Eric, and thank you so much for your support! Right now our focus is very much on the experience inside the app, but we have been playing a lot with other ideas, join if you wanna be part of the discussion :)
Shreyas ThiagarajMaker@shreyas_ny · Product @ Roger, Fika, Reaction.Cam
Sup Hunters, I'm Shreyas, iOS Lead at Roger. I jumped into Android recently and we've all been going full steam ahead to get it launch-ready. Insanely excited to multiply our product's reach today! Ask me anything, or send me direct feedback @
Pavlo KuznyetsovHiring@pavlo_kuznetsov · Former marketer builds martech products
AMAZING design guys. I'm in love
Ricardo Vice SantosMaker@ricardovice ·, ex Spotify Int. Growth
@pavlo_kuznetsov thank you Pavlo! It's all @milesfitzgerald :)