Video walkie talkie for Mac

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Hey everyone, Scott from Roger here...huge thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us :) My teammates and I made Roger because we found communicating w/ Slack and Skype to be a pain in the butt. Either we had to type out what we wanted to say, or we had to go through the tedium of scheduling a call, ringing, waiting for an answer, hanging up, and so on. It was just too much friction. Roger cuts out all the cruft of Slack/Skype and lets you communicate as quickly and freely as possible. You just hold down on your contact’s bubble and start talking, right away. If they want to respond, they hold down, too. That’s it! It’s as close to sitting next to someone as you can get, without sitting next to them! Roger’s been a huge breath of fresh air for us, and we think it will be for you, too. Of course, if you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to connect below :) Cheers, -Scott @use_roger Pro tip: If you call the ‘Roger’ user (hold down or use the hotkey), you’ll get a random puppy gif. A hotkey for puppies!!
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Nice, I can see this being pretty useful for working with our remote co-workers
Really love this product, my team is using it religiously. This a is a lean and very light application. I've been using it since their public beta, I have remote teams and it works perfectly. Specially when I need a quick chat to explain features, bugs, design and implementation to my team. Looking forward to see this product evolving, I'd totally pay for it. Great job @scottliang!
There's also a walkie-talkie for iPhone, also named Roger. 😂
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! They took it down last year so we're adopting 'Roger' for this new setup :). If you're on a Mac I think you'd have a blast with it!
@scottliang ahh! I missed that.
@rrhoover No worries! I can totally see how it could be mixed up.
@rrhoover @scottliang haa totally thought this was a pivot too
Just tried it out, very seamless experience on Mac. I can definitely see this being useful. Plus very smooth onboarding as well. Great work @scottliang and @alex_padalko