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Ricardo Vice Santos
@ricardovice · Co-Founder at ☕️ fika.io, Spotify alumni
Forgot to mention, but we have an Android client beta if you guys would like to help test!


Ricardo Vice Santos
@ricardovice · Co-Founder at ☕️ fika.io, Spotify alumni
BETA TESTERS: thank you for all your feedback thus far! If you'd like to be added to TestFlight or Android beta join the team here https://rogertalk.com/beta -- Hey Product Hunters, we’re super excited to be here today. Thank you Jeremy! Roger is a product that @blixt and I originally hacked on a weekend back when we were still working at Spotify NYC. T… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Very clean design. Well done, @ricardovice and team. There seem to be a more voice-based apps surfacing lately. Unmute and another unreleased app come to mind. Why is that? P.S. Chat with me at http://rogertalk.com/rrhoover
Clément Faydi
@cfaydi · Topick.com - Past: Behance/Adobe
I've been a user for a few months and Roger has completely changed how I communicate with my friends and family. It brings the best of texts and calls together: the simplicity and async nature of texts and the warmth and depth of calls. Highly recommended! Ping me at http://rogertalk.com/clement
Jeremy Le Van
@jeremylv · co-founder, Sunrise
Congrats on the launch and good luck! I'm http://rogertalk.com/jeremylv in case you want to chat.
Shreyas Thiagaraj
@shreyas_ny · Founding iOS Dev @ Roger, ex-Microsoftie
Hey guys, I'm the iOS developer @ Roger. Super excited about the launch, I'm here to answer any questions/chat about communication in general! https://rogertalk.com/shreyas