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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Nice work. 💕 Documentary Addict if you haven't seen it yet.
human.jpg — Freelance Designer
@rrhoover Ah thanks, Ryan! I hadn't until just now actually - it looks awesome.
Feyyaz Alingan — Focused. 🤖
Interesting collection and much, much better than looking through YouTube and/or IMDB to find something good.

Two suggestions: Add an IMDB rating and more importantly add two lines explaining what the documentary is about, as not all of them have a clear title.
human.jpg — Freelance Designer
@freshfey Thanks so much for your kind words and feedback, Feyyaz. Completely agree. Will add IMDB ratings in soon where available. There are actually some short descriptions, but they're hidden behind the little '...' ellipses and currently only viewable on desktop (perhaps a bit too subtle, haha). Will improve them soon and then surface them more clearly across devices.
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