Twitter Card image previews of your Instagram posts brings back interactive Twitter Cards for Instagram posts. Works with IFTTT to automatically Tweet your Instagram photos or make your own by pasting an Instagram link at

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Twitter Cards display an image and, when clicked, take you to a target URL. Instagram removed support for these in 2012 so, when cross-posting automatically from Instagram to Twitter, all that's displayed on Twitter is a link. We've brought back Twitter Cards for Instagram photos, so when using our generated link, Twitter users see a preview of the Instagram photo. When they click on the preview, it takes them to the original Instagram post. Some people use IFTTT to repost the photo and include a link in the description. This is fine if all you want is to show people the photo. Our IFTTT applets automatically Tweet new Instagram posts with our specially made cards so that engagements drive traffic to your Instagram profile rather than just opening the photo on Twitter. is something we wanted, so thought some of you might want it too.