Make Your Startup a Rocketship

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I see there's an episode featuring our very own @rrhoover!
@riaface @rrhoover Yep he was our very first guest actually! We also hosted an AMA with him last week on the topic of "Thinking Big about Product Hunt"
Nice. Also check out
Learn from successful entrepreneurs each week about strategy, growth, and so much more with this weekly podcast.
@charlieirish Thanks for posting Charlie!
Simply the best startup centric podcast on the market. That's saying something. Kudo's to @SDMattG @JoelleSteiniger @michaelsacca
@BlendahTom @SDMattG @JoelleSteiniger @michaelsacca wowzers that is saying something... You da bomb, Tom!
Hi everyone :-) I'm one of the hosts of the show - here to answer any questions!