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Erik Chan — RocketClub founder
Hola Product Hunt!

RocketClub allows anyone to get a real stake in the products they use and love.
Sounds crazy? Yes, we think so too, but it ain’t stopping us from trying..

We built RocketClub because we wanted to help early-stage companies get traction. Most of us on PH probably know this well, getting traction is TOUGH. The idea came from wanting this solution for ourselves -a way to incentivize our own network, community, and early-adopters to become invested in the success of the product. The media makes us believe new products are launched and become overnight successes, whereas in reality, all products come out crawling and need the nurturing of early supporters. It's only right that early believers have a real stake (stock appreciate rights) and are compensated for their time and efforts.

We’re just at the beginning of a long mission. RocketClub also needs your help. Find out more and get a stake in RocketClub here :)

[EDIT] Thank you everyone for the awesome support. We just made top of the list today (don't care if we don't stay there.) For us, it really is about helping other companies. We hope we can make good on that goal.
Erik Torenberg — Former Product Hunt
@rocketclubco congrats Erik! Glad to see this at the top :)
Mohsen M Khali — IoT investor @ Iratel Ventures
@rocketclubco great concept Erik. How do you choose which startups to feature?
Erik Chan — RocketClub founder
@mossibat Thanks Mohsen! We don't have any crazy process since its mostly just a conversation between @chenny408 and I. We mainly make sure there is a committed team and an interesting product. Email me directly if you are considering, we love talking to new startups
Erik Chan — RocketClub founder
Thanks @eriktorenberg! Mad love to @producthunt
IlBel — Founder, Delprice
@rocketclubco Damn! This is so good idea! Good luck folks!
Erik Chan — RocketClub founder
@il_beloff thank you sir, appreciate the compliment!
Ehab — Co-founder, WebMenu
Hey Erik @rocketclubco make sure to get verified on WebMenu.
Dave — Builder, BLNKK INC.
Help the startups you love and earn a piece of them: this idea is awesome!
Erik Chan — RocketClub founder
@dvblnkk Thanks Dave! Glad you like it
Tom Masiero — GM of LaunchBit
@rocketclubco how does this work in practice.
Erik Chan — RocketClub founder
@blendahtom @dvblnkk You sign up for companies you believe in, and help them by adopting their product, giving feedback, and referring friends. If you complete the tasks (as a way to prove you are really an adopter), you earn stock appreciation rights to the company.
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