The First ECG Sports App for Apple Watch

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After years of research in sports medicine, we’ve developed an app that tells you when is the best time to train. It works with the Apple Watch’s new ECG tracking feature. Use HUNT18 coupon to get 75% discount to try :)

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    Simple and efficient app to measure performance according accurate ECG data


    didn't find

    reasonable way for mesuring performance in endurance sports

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Tim Lipsky
Tim LipskyMaker@timofei_lipsky · CEO
Hey, I'm Tim, CEO at RocketBody. After 6 months of hard work, we are happy to present the FIRST APP IN THE WORLD that makes use of the Apple Watch Series 4’s new ECG tracking feature. RoketBody uses AI to transform your ECG readings into real-time training recommendations. The app helps you attain your fitness goals faster by informing you when it’s optimal to workout. This cutting-edge technology changes the way people interact with smartwatches. It provides real-time coaching based on your metabolic rate and supercompensation - the perfect time to train. We know that there is a lot of work here. We are happy to get some feedback and we are ready for your questions. 😉
Rehman Abdur
Rehman Abdur@rehman_a · Senior QA Consultant, Applause
@timofei_lipsky Hi Tim, Will you release the app in The Netherlands?
Tim Lipsky
Tim LipskyMaker@timofei_lipsky · CEO
@rehman_a Hi! Yes, we will! But now we have some questions with GDPR :)
Joanna Jiang
Joanna Jiang@joannajiang · Founder @illustrationui
@timofei_lipsky Very cool
Tom Bielecki
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@timofei_lipsky I don't see anywhere on the site that mentions Apple Watch integration, how does it compare to your own wearable? How often do you need readings to get an accurate model of supercompensation?
Aleh Tsikhanau
Aleh Tsikhanau@ethnoza · Product designer & entrepreneur
Cool product! Cool founders!
Andrei Shaurko
Andrei ShaurkoMaker@andrei_shaurko · sales coach & entrepreneur
@ethnoza thank you so much! We'll try to make the product even better having the feedback from you guys 😉
Vadim Kheifets
Vadim Kheifets@vadim_kheifets · Marketing, Slon Media
That's awesome, guys!
Artsiom Patapovich
Artsiom PatapovichMaker@piastunok · Product Managemend, UX
@vadim_kheifets Thank you for your support! 😃
Katherine Sakovich
Katherine Sakovich@katherine_sakovich
It makes personal training more affordable, great!
Andrei Shaurko
Andrei ShaurkoMaker@andrei_shaurko · sales coach & entrepreneur
@katherine_sakovich Thank you for your love! 😃
Yonatan V. Levin
Yonatan V. Levin@yonatan_levin · CTO, KolGene
The product that I have waited a lot - finally arrived. Now I can train with much more efficiently! 😃
Andrei Shaurko
Andrei ShaurkoMaker@andrei_shaurko · sales coach & entrepreneur
Thank you @yonatan_levin ! Now you can train more efficiently and as a result more healthy. Enjoy trying it out 😄 Any feedback appreciated!