Robinhood for iOS

$0 commission stock brokerage



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James Brooks — Founder, Alt Three
Is there any chance that Robinhood will be available in the UK? I'd love to get into stocks but there isn't an app which looks this easy to use.
Juan Buis — Reporter at The Next Web
@jbrooksuk Or the Netherlands.
Jason Dainter — Inpternational doer of things
@jbrooksuk +1 for the UK!
Nick Hertz — Associate, AddVenture fund
@jbrooksuk (referral link, so if anyone decides to register both of get some sort of bonus)... - Works well for EU & UK ( not available in the US).
Trades are zero commission as well, plus it got a cool social network element to it.
Matt — Driver Operations @ Uber
@jasondainter 2+ for the UK release. Seriously excited for this.
Patrick R. — Student at TU Berlin
@jbrooksuk Germany is calling for Robinhood, too! :)
Jack Randall — Communications at Robinhood
Hey Product Hunt, here's the link to Robinhood in the App Store:
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